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Uses and Benefits of Bunded Tanks

If you are looking for the best and most suitable storage solution that will benefit your business, especially your fuel needs, then choosing bunded tanks will be the best decision. Not only because they are the safest but also the most reliable option available. With the well-rounded resilience, durability, and strength of these tanks, they have proven to be highly beneficial in many industries across the world. Different sectors, even those that we may not even consider are highly reliant on storage tanks as they go on their daily business.

If your industry requires fuel storage and you are now reviewing your options when choosing the right tank, then you should read on the information below and see the benefits and uses offered by these tanks to business and consumers.

Single Skin Versus Bunded

If you are looking for short-term solutions to store smaller amounts of fuel, then single skin tanks are a great choice. They are cost-effective and lightweight. But they offer limited protected when it comes to spills and accidents. This means that there will be more impositions to where you can keep your tank.

On the other hand, bunded ones have a secondary container which is 110% the size of the storage capacity. This means that any spill, leak or accident will be contained safely without necessarily causing damage and harm to the environment nor wasting the investment you have made.

Its Role in the Industry


Among the biggest industries that utilize such type of tank is haulage. In fact, this industry is almost reliant on transport and this means that its employees need to spend a lot of time on the road driving heavy-duty HGV lorries.

Purchasing tank in bulk is considered to be the most effective method to keep the business on the road that will need a solid and substantial storage solution.


This industry is labor intensive. Rearing livestock and growing crops needs a lot of large capacity storage tanks for food and water, as well as for the operation of heavy machinery which greatly relies on fuel to keep them going.

In this case, bunded types of fuel tanks provide protection to business and farm owners by ensuring them that accidents are prevented, thus avoiding financial losses and environmental damage.


This is the industry that deals with transporting freight and passengers. Travelling at such a high speed and height demands a significant amount of fuel, thus hangars and airports should be prepared to accommodate the flying needs.

With the help of tanks, specifically the bunded ones, provides this industry an important safety precaution that will help reduce the risk of spillages which can be fatal when they react badly with other substances and chemicals so the aircraft will keep running.

The ones above are just a few situations wherein business and industries greatly benefit from using tanks. They can found in many more applications providing numerous benefits.


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