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How to Choose a Concrete Swimming Pool Tile Supplier

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Your concrete pool tiles are integral to the overall aesthetic appeal of your pool, as well as its functionality and safety. Choosing the right tiles is important; choosing the right tile supplier is equally so. If you’re on the market for domestic tiles or commercial tiles, refer to these markers in selecting the right supplier.

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Commercial Pool Tiles

Commercial Pool Tiles

The most important factor ịn choosing commercial pool tiles is their suitability.Most manufacturers provide scanty information about commercial pool tiles and this brings us to the question – how do you choose commercial swimming tiles.

Picking of colors

Most swimming pool tiles tend to be ịn shades of blue, white or turquoise and sometimes darker or black colors used as line markers, targets or warnings lines. Deeper waters tend to distort the colors of the tile, this explains why most people use white and blue tiles in efforts of getting attractive looks, the white colors reflect light. Dark tiles shouldn’t be used at the base of commercial pools as they tend to give a false impression of how deep the water is. Yellow or red colors can give an unappealing look as far as commercial pools are concerned. Above water levels, you may consider using contrasting colors, in most cases they tend to give attractive features.

Mosaic tiles are a popular choice, with an enormous selection of color mixes from plain colors to recrudescent fịnịshes. Most mosaics come with a mesh backing and each sheet will cover approximately 30cm2. Mosaic are typically glass, frosted glass, ceramic or porcelain and have varying levels of suitability. Larger tiles are handy since they tend to give a commercial look.

Consider the pool surround

When it comes to pool surround you need to consider slip and moisture resistance, care and maintenance. Some mosaic tiles are also suitable for floor, however, they can be less decorative ịf they are slip resistant; there are many porcelain and ceramic antị-slịp tiles available with a textured surface. That being said, you may also consider using natural stones, this is due to the fact that they come in wide arrays of sizes and colors. Natural stones are handy when it comes to corner pieces and bull nose edges.

Fixing and maintenance

Fixing swimming pool tiles should only be carried out by an experienced tiler. Ensure that you seek competent tillers who understand or have considerable experience in the field.

The bottom line

It is important that you pick the correct adhesive and grout. this will see to it that you fix the question of joint movements. In addition to that, the water treatment chemicals need to be compatible with the tiles, grout and adhesive. Consider using slip resistant tiles will need extra attention during cleaning, as there are often raised areas and dirt and grease can collect in. alternatively, natural stone may needs sealing, most do, and this will help stop any standing and make cleaning easier. We really hope that this article will go a long way in helping you settle for the best commercial pool tiles.



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