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Swimming Pool Tile Repair

The tiles that are used for swimming pools have come a long way from the original boring blue tiles you used to see at the bottom of every swimming pool. With the advance of technology, there are tiles of all colors, shapes and designs for small and large swimming pools. The great thing about pool tiles is they are frost free. This makes them extremely different from your generic bathroom tiles because they won’t chip or become damaged from ice. Sometimes, these pool tiles can start to slip or fall off entirely. There are a few reasons as to why your tile might be coming off.

Swimming Pool Tile Adhesive

The most commonly seen reason is because the swimming pool tile adhesive didn’t stick as well as it should have. A swimming pool tile repair does not have to cost a ton of money. Something as simple as a tile falling off can be fixed with the right tools and products. This kind of swimming pool tile repair requires the correct bond materials and caulking materials.


Swimming Pool Plaster Repair

The first things you need to do when trying to replace a pool tile is remove the adhesive mud that was behind the broken tile. You can use a few different tools to get this job done. As long as the tile won’t stick out when repaired, you have removed enough of the mud. You can start mixing the new plaster you plan on using to repair the tile.

Make sure you use either a wooden or a rubber mallet to help secure the tile in its place with the new plaster mix. If you see your tile starting to slip down, you can secure it in place with a form of tape so it stays sill until the plaster has fully dried. This swimming pool plaster repair should keep the tiles locked into place for a long time. This repair method is great for a tile that has completely fallen off. There are many other types of swimming pool tile repair that can be done to make your pool look as good as new.


Swimming Pool Tile Grout

If some of your pool tiles happen to be cracked, you can still repair them. If there is a crack in the tile, it is at risk of having water seep in and potentially makes it fall off. There are ways to prevent water from seeping into the cracks on your pool tiles. Waterproof swimming pool tile grout can fit easily into the crack to block any water from getting in. This is a great and easy way to fix your tile until you have the time and the money to completely replace the tile.

If your tiles are simply just dirty, there are some quick and easy ways to make it sparkle again. Using a tile cleaner will eliminate any scum lines you might see on the tiles. As long as you use an abrasive brush, the cleaner should get rid of any scum almost instantly. These tips should help you with your swimming pool tile repair, no matter what king of repair it might be. Finally, go for a cheaper option by buying wholesale pool tiles on your nearest pool resources supplier. 


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