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A clean swimming pool is essential for everyone, but is especially important if you have children. Chlorine, pool sanitizer, and automatic pool cleaner will clean your pool daily, preventing the build up of bacteria, slime and debris. Keeping your pool clean keeps your family healthy. Whether you have an inground or above ground pool, these pool cleaners including automatic pool cleaner are the best choice to save you time, money and to keep your family healthy.

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Chlorine is the number one choice when it comes to pool cleaners. It kills all germs and other organisms that might try to take residence in your pool. It is also inexpensive and can be purchased at many pool supplies stores. By itself, chlorine will increase the pH of your pool, but most modern chlorine additives for pools have buffers to keep the pool’s pH neutral.

Pool Sanitizers

You’ll also want your pool sanitized by using sanitizing tablets to keep your free chlorine levels high. The tablets will also make sure that bacteria are reduced or eliminated more effectively than if no sanitizing tablets were used. Introducing an algae cleaner to the pool is also going to be an effective means to keeping harsh chemicals from festering in the pool. Even with chlorine helping along the way, algae cleaner is necessary to keep your pool well sanitized.

Pool Shock

Another important process you have to do to keep your pool clean is to “shock” the pool every once in a while to make sure that your chlorine tablets are able to do their sanitizing job properly. The “shock” chemicals take many of the solid or liquid buildups like hairspray, dead skin, suntan lotion, and body creams that are removed by pool water over time. The contaminates are oxidized by the “shock” formula, and you will notice your water becoming visibly clearer.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Automatic swimming concrete pools cleaner are essential for those tired of cleaning their own pool. Not only do they save you time; they are also very economical and keep your pool healthier. Automatic pool cleaners can be set on a timer or turned on manually. Those that are set on a timer cleans the pool every day at a set time, ensuring that your pool is always ready for a relaxing swim.

In the past, if you did not want to clean your own pool you had to pay a company to provide regular maintenance. You can purchase a quality automatic pool cleaner like the Polaris 280 for about $300 that will last for about ten years. There are no special chemicals to purchase and you have the peace of mind of knowing that your pool is being cleaned regularly and on time.

pH Level Tests

Your free chlorine levels should be 1.0-3.0 PPM. If that is not the case, then you will have to introduce bromine tablets into the pool in order to bring your free chlorine levels up. Pool pH levels should be 7.2-7.6 PPM. If they are not, pH increaser/decreaser formula will be needed to add to the water. Your alkalinity levels should be 80-150 PPM. If your pool does not have these levels it means you need to purchase Alkalinity Increaser/Decreaser, which should bring the alkalinity levels back to a non-corrosive state

It is very important that you test your pool water regularly. Test for free chlorine levels, pH levels, and alkalinity levels. By purchasing a free water test kit, you should be able to test for all three with one test strip. However, you will need the kit several times throughout the year to keep all of the levels at optimum.

Probably the most important supply in keeping a pool clean is going to be the chlorine sticks and the accompanying chemical checks to make sure that algae and bacteria are not growing within the confines of the pool. When dealing with wet, moist areas that are always in the direct pathway of the sunlight, there is always the danger of harmful bacteria forming. To keep yourself protected, find some high-end chlorine sticks and tablets, as this is the most common pool cleaner used today that will keep your pool clean for extended periods of time.


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