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How to Choose a Concrete Swimming Pool Tile Supplier

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Your concrete pool tiles are integral to the overall aesthetic appeal of your pool, as well as its functionality and safety. Choosing the right tiles is important; choosing the right tile supplier is equally so. If you’re on the market for domestic tiles or commercial tiles, refer to these markers in selecting the right supplier.


Experience does not only encompass the number of years that a supplier of pool tiles has in the industry, it is also the measure of the scope of the projects they have worked with. Choose a supplier that offers a long track record of projects, as well as a wide array of solutions. For instance, some suppliers have only ever worked with private residences doing fresh installations or pool resurfacing, while others have installed and maintained pool tiles for several types of commercial establishments. Make sure that you only choose a company that can specifically meet your needs.



It doesn’t matter if a company has spent thirty years in the industry, if half of their projects have not been satisfactory to their clients. Similarly, a skilled supplier will pale in comparison to a skilled supplier that provides excellent customer service every step of the way. The standing that a company has built for itself is the best way to predict the kind of experience that you will have from booking their services. Check consumer review websites, ask for referrals from family and friends, and do due research prior to signing a contract.



Not all suppliers offer the same rates, and not all of them offer rates that cover all you need. When it comes to pricing, make sure that the fee you’re being quoted can be broken down to specifics; those specifics should cover what you need for your swimming pools. For instance, some suppliers rate their services according to the installation solutions that they will provide, while others will go the extra mile and include maintenance in their quote.

Other Pointers to Consider

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Schedule a consultation

A good swimming pool tile supplier should be able to guide you through selecting your pool tiles, setting down the technicalities, and ensuring upkeep and maintenance post-installation. All these should come up during your consultation. Always ask for a free session in your home or commercial establishment.

Ask for samples. Finally, ask for samples before making a final decision on your choice of pool tiles. Some products may not be to your liking in their actual form, while others may be too much for your requirements.


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